The X-Screen Platform

The X-Screen Media Platform is an adaptable tool to enhance your narrative and connection with your audience. If your show has a rich world with many moving parts, helping your auidence learn and keep track of what they've seen can transform their narrative experience into a memorable connection between show and viewer. Our aim is to provide a tool that is both easy to use and easy to adopt into any show. Click the button below to take a look at our premiering series which showcases what the X-Screen Media Platform has to offer.


Take a look at shows that demonstrate the X-Screen platform

Parallel Jordan

A gripping detective noir following two investigators as they track down a spring of serial murders. Download the C.R.I.M.E app to help Jordan and Clive find clues, make connections, and solve the case. Can you track down the killer before our detectives? Watch (and play) now here!


Zero K is a Sci-Fantasy series that take place on a planet that has frozen over. Survivors fight over the last remaining sources of heat. Follow the main character Kyra, one of the last Pyromancers, as she meets many unique characters and factions in the world. Keep track of all the action in your viewing companion. This show is currently in it's pre-production phase.

Meet the Team

The Who behind the What

X-Screen Media was formed by five students to answer a question - how can we make storytelling even more awesome?
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Jack Banta

Project Manager
Front End Developer

Matt Beeby

Story Writer
Creative Director

Carrie Lindeman

System Building
Mobile Developer

Jackson Keeler

Story Consultant
Video and Audio Production

Eric Kraft

Business Manager